I freaking love asos. can you tell? most of my outfit's feature them recently. But I guess since I forked out the £9 for a year of next day delivery I couldn't refuse. I had another delivery today. I got a dress which I want your opinion on, as it's really not my usual style. Anyway, I've been umming-and-ahhhing over this smock dress for ages now. The amount of times I've added it to my basket then not brought it, I've lost count! While I'm not a girl who likes short dresses/skirts But I think this dress is actually too long! It may just be that I've never worn a dress this length before. So I'll give it ago, But if not it's a good thing I can use a sewing needle! 
Today I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping, and I'm also going for drinks and ice skating with Hayley. Despite being full of cold it should be a good day!