Above is a image of Kylie and Kendal Jenner, both only 16 and eighteen, yet this photo has clearly been photo-shopped to give the two teenagers smooth blurred perfect skin. But why? who thought that they needed even clearer skin than what they needed. Today all teenage girls are mainly concerned about their weight at their skin. I've noticed a lot in the blogging world how over photo-shopped some bloggers can go on their photo's because they may have a spot or their skin looked a bit crap in one photo. All over the world photographers now use photoshop to give the model the perfect look. I did a A level Photography course and one of the thing's I needed for the course was to be able to use photoshop. 
Today stars will go to extreme lengths in order to get perfect smooth clear skin including Botox. When you laugh, frown, concentrate or squint for example, the facial muscles of the upper face cause your skin to crease. With time these creases deepen and can turn into lines which remain even when relaxed. Frown lines between your eyes can become particularly noticeable at a relatively young age, making you look angry or worried even when you’re not.
Injection of Botulinum Toxin into these affected areas temporarily immobilises the underlying muscles responsible for wrinkling, giving the face a more relaxed, youthful and pleasant appearance. The wrinkles become smoother and with time can disappear altogether.I know myself how wrapped up you can get in having perfect skin. Recently I saw a make up artist to have some make up applied where she expressed a number of times how great my skin is despite the fact I apply 3 layers of foundation! This definitely opened me up to a whole new view on my skin.