Bloggers these days are usually the ones that shape's and introduces the latest trend's and styles within the fashion world. The whole ombre trend is a big favourite with all bloggers including myself. Only recently have I ditched the ombre for my natural shade in hope of gaining the growth I'm after. Some people are extremely shocked when I tell them I wear extensions, while to others it's pretty obvious. All the time I get told I should ditch the extensions and love my natural hair length which is currently a longish bob. It was longer, however the dead ends were taking their toll on my locks, so a trim had to happen.Above you can see some beautiful bloggers who already have the long bob style and look amazing with it! 
Just last week miss melrose ditched the long lock's for a more on trend long bob which is the next big 'IT' blogger hair style. I honestly think it looks stunning and the shorter length really suits her so much more, while making her hair look much healthier than it has been since she made her process to go blonde. Seeing Lily's new hair really made me realise how nice the shorter hair style is. I actually once use to have hair down to my bum. Ever since I've been trying to gain that damn length back. Myself I think I've grown far too attached to my hair extensions and thinking it's the only style to go with, while really I need to start trying new styles. My fashion tastes has changed so much since I started blogging so maybe it's time I throw away the extensions and enjoy the style I already have that I choose to hide away. 
What's your opinion on the long bob trend that all the bloggers are loving?