we've all said it probably once a month when mother natural comes a knockin' "the joy of being a girl" I say this a lot. Let's face it girls, from time to time it is pretty damn hair being a girl. I'm eighteen soon to be nineteen in january and I guess I'm still experiencing my teenager hormones etc. So I'm still a spotty mess and a moody bitch from time to time. But I'm guessing that never fades. Anyway Here are a few things that tick me off, I thought this would be a fun post for us girls, as I know a lot can relate and we can all share a moment and say 'amen sister!' 
NOT BEING THIN ENOUGH // unless your naturally skinny no matter how much you eat (lucky woman) you will completely relate to this! While men also gain weight, for girls I feel it is more obvious as we're meant to have thin legs, big hips, thin waist, and big boobs. Sadly we aren't all twigs or have the perfect Kim Kardashian ass. It just isn't going to happen unless your dad is Brad Pitt and your mom is Angelina. Today you will see everywhere on magazines comments on weight, which celebs has put on weight, which celeb is now too thin. You can't win. 
SHAVING YOUR LEGS // This is probably more of a personal one but Shaving your legs. God, the torture and time wasted on shaving your legs, then cutting yourself so you have to sit with tissue on your leg for 5 minutes. I just see it as wasted time. That's why I'm considering laser removal as it is meant to last a lot longer! I know a lot of girls don't bother much when they aren't in a relationship, I recently got out of a relationship, and damn ha sit felt good to well yeah 'let myself go' it has to be done. there is just so much maintaining when your in a relationship, while men can just let the forests over their body grow. 
SO MANY CLOTHES, NOTHING TO WEAR // unless you hate clothes, which would be weird as you must walk around naked you can relate to this one. I currently have a rail of clothes, three draws, two bags under my bed. Yet guess what? I have nothing to wear. Unless I buy something new and for an occasion It seriously takes me a long amount of time to decide on what to wear despite all of the clothes I own. Why does this happen? 
WHY WONT MY HAIR GROW // I have worn hair extensions for the past 5 years or so. I guess my hair has just given up and doesn't want to grow or when it does grow I get it cut to get rid of the dead ends yet it then doesn't grow anymore, I feel like I can't win! I'm so god damn jealous of the Kardashian's purely for they're long hair. like damn how is it so long?!