Okay so I failed miserably and went for the easy option. But guy's I give it to the fashion bloggers how have actually done the full lot of outfit's from this year. I did it then when it came to combining the picture's. That got a little too much for my very simple head. However if I'm honest, as I was scrolling through this year's looks I was a little hurt and disgusted in myself. Also can I have a round of applause for how much use I actually got out of my riverisland jacket. I wore that thing to death! (sorry I know it annoyed some of you) Anyway here are my top six outfit's that I wore this year! 
OUTFIT ONE // this outfit was pretty popular at the time and the jacket is my favourite piece in my wardrobe! I brought this jacket after seeing a lot of bloggers snatch it up from ASOS for a not so pretty price tag. I managed to find it on ebay for only £17! I've worn the jacket to a lot of event's and always been complimented on it! I can't wait for Fashion week as it's definitely making an appearance. If that's okay to be so "last year" oh balls maybe I wont. 
OUTFIT TWO // This is one of them outfit's that just well, fell into each other and damn I was proud of it. I do apologise for my facial expression I was still in that phase of "moody is sexy" it's really not. But I love the whole contrast with the checked shirt, the white blouse then the skater skirt to add a girly twist. Also guys check out my extreme ombre. back in the daaaay. 
OUTFIT THREE // This outfit was on my blog only a few weeks ago. I love this outfit as it's perfect for this winter. the jumper is also a bargain of mine only costing me £3. Sadly it now has holes in it. so it's only for lazy days. 
OUTFIT FOUR // again another recently outfit, i clearly prefer my winter style than the crap I was wearing in the summer. Oh lord I let myself go.anyway this outfit is just love to my eyes. the floral print, the fur gilet. and these leggings which i'm still waiting to be exchanged from asos. 
OUTFIT FIVE // My latest outfit and my new coat which I can't stop wearing. i thought I'd never wear this coat exactly why I didn't want to splash a lot on a pink coat but god damn the pink works so well into my black wardrobe. 
OUTFIT SIX // I got surprised by this tee in the post, and it's the best thing ever, seems as my name actually is chloe is probably why it's so amazing. 

So that's it. my top six outfit's of 2013, I want to say thank you to everyone who followed, or continued to follow me through this year. this year has been mental for my blog from amazing opportunities to work with my favourite online clothing stores to even landing a job in my favourite high street store. Again thank you and I hope you continue to support me in 2014. I love you all.