I was kindly contacted by very to take part in their blogger secret santa (#verysecretsanta) we were all given a budget of £20 to either pick one or two items from Very. Luckily for me, I'm very good friends with the blogger I got picked so I decided to get her a decent secret santa present and something she'd get a lot of use from! 
When my secret santa present arrived it was wrapped in lovely red and white wrapping paper along with a cute little ribbon. I ribbed it open to be greeted with another layer, after ripping away I was pounded with the best bloody thing in the world. I ended up sending a snap chat of me just screaming holding the book. If you follow me on Twitter (@itsschloeeee) you will see regular tweets about Made In Chelsea, or the odd dirty one about my boyfriend Stevie Johnson (he just doesn't know it yet) anyway, it was so nice of my secret santa to have picked something and actually knowing me so well! I couldn't of been happier with my present. It definitely made my day. A Big Thank you to Very.co.uk and Alice who was my secret santa the cheeky minx! (go check out her blog!)