So Christmas is over for another year. For me it really didn't feel like Christmas at all this year, it sucks getting older and not getting lots of toys and waking up at 6am. Oh well! Anyway this year I got spoilt. I finally got myself a new laptop, and the laptop I've wanted for a long time which is a Macbook pro. For the past two year's I'd been using a samsung notebook, which would of been the perfect laptop for someone who just needs a laptop for social networking. However being a blogger a laptop is a key piece of equipment. I love it so much and I'm really enjoying blogging again as it doesn't take me 10 minutes to edit one picture anymore yay. (disclaimer // I'm paying half of the payment towards this laptop) 
While my laptop was my main present the rest of my presents are your typical christmas presents from socks, pj's etc. I even got a dressing gown which Zoella has and oh lord, not took it off since. My dad also finally replaced my hairdryer! I'd been using a Umberto one for years but not cuts out after 1 minute. It's so nice to be able to wash my hair before work now instead of having to wait until I have a free night to rest my head on my radiator. (yes that's how I've been drying my hair the past few months)  I then also got a bag full of car stuff. This year I finally passed my test, and got myself my first car! so it was nice to have all my essentials. 
The next day, despite only getting 4 hours sleep as I went to a friends for a house party, and having work I ended up hitting the boxing day sales. I won't lie online I wasn't impressed, but I've been been a fan of online shopping. However in my local town I managed to hunt down a few cheeky bargains. I got this beautiful bag from Zara, which I love, seems as I wear a lot of black I don't have a lot of black bags. I love this bag as it's got the chain detailing on the handle. I also tweeted Christmas eve about the Topshop Pink (I would say it's peachy) going into the sale. In my local Topshop they only had one and that was size 6, of course I'm no size 6, luckily today I went into Birmingham and picked it up in my size! £98 down to £45, a bargain I love. 
So that's what i got for Christmas and From the boxing day sales! I want to say thank you to my family for all my gift's I was spoilt and I love them all! If you have a post on what you got for Christmas post the links below.