(images from my instagram @unwrittenchloee apart from the stevie image)
Winter is definitely here, I've noticed it within my clothing choices, to if I can really be bothered to go out. It doesn't help that I caught the dreaded cold, and that resulted in me sitting in the warm sneezing my little head off for the whole day. I'm sure we'll have a pretty horrendous winter again this year http://www.sovchem.co.uk/condensation-control.html. and make sure all your loved ones are being looked after! So what am I loving mostly about this winter? 
HOT DRINKS // oh lord, Starbucks and Costa have done good this year with their festive cups and yummy drinks, So far my favorite drinks are White Hot Chocolate, and Orange mocha. 
TARTAN // I have to admit the last time I actually wore tartan was when I was three and I had a tartan skirt. So it's save to say the tartan trend was something different, and a trend I didn't think I'd enjoy as much. 
WARM FIRE & A BLANKET // No matter what you can't beat being snuggled up in front of the fire watching the tv. That's probably my favorite bit about Christmas day. (apart from the presents). 
so there a few thing's I've been loving this year, what's been getting you into winter?