Well, 2013 you will be a year for me to remember I can tell you that. This year has really been crazy for me. Also I've gained a lot of experiences and great opportunities. It's crazy looking back and realising it all happened in just one year. 
This year I finally said goodbye to education as I finished college. I really didn't enjoy college at all like I loved school. While I came out with some great grades and finally achieved my C in maths, I definitely won't miss college. However I'm happy I stuck at it and got my grades which I desperately wanted to achieve. At college I always felt like I wasn't doing the right courses. I took up English, While I love writing (descriptive writing) I just never enjoyed the course it all, it became boring and never kept me going. Of course I re-connected with my love of writing with my blog. I'd also been doing Textiles for the past 5 years now and it really was the same old shit, yeah the odd new technique or new stitch I'd learn, but I was never really happy with the fashion route I was in. It was only until it came to applying for University that I decided I wanted to be a stylist. By then I'd been blogging for a year and had a lot of feedback on my style. I also took Photography. This was the only course I really enjoyed. While I didn't enjoy college it was definitely a time in my life where I found myself and what I wanted for my future. 
I then met Oli, While me and Oli had a very terrible break up I don't regret our relationship one bit. He really supported me with my blogging and helped me with idea's while just allowing me to be myself. I found a best friend and a partner in him. We pretty much spent the whole of our six months together as we came inseparable.  But of course spending too much time together leads to getting irritated. Also it was only until me and Oli wasnt together that I realised how fucking miserable I was. Me and Oli no longer speak, but it's safe to say I'll enjoy the memories despite how much of a twat he was. 
This year my dad has been my solider. A lot of people don't know that I actually don't talk to my mum anymore. For a few years now me and my brother have forgotten her and gotten on with our lives.  Anyway, a few years ago she left my dad despite my dad being a complete push over and letting her get away with it all. We still continue to get a lot of hassle from her and we are currently going through fighting her for our family home. But While my dad has had to build his way as living as a single parent and continue to take her shit, he has been the best dad anyone could wish for. He never let's me or my brother go without, he's been there when I've cried over boys, he's been there when I've been ill and really needed that cuppa. He also really supports my blog and constantly tells me well done for how far I've come with my blog. So I want to say thank you to my dad for being amazing and never letting me down and for carrying on no matter what. 
On a happier note, my blog. I first started this blog after breaking up with my first love (cringe). my blog has seriously changed my life. Like i don't know where the hell I'd be right now if I didn't start this blog. So I kinda owe it to my ex for breaking my heart. This year my blog has really had a ball, from working with ASOS, Urban outfitters, selfirdges and so many more, I cannot believe how blessed I am when companies contact me to collaborate because it's just a shock. These days you need to be thin, pretty, funny, or maybe a bit weird to get going in the blogging world. While at time's I've thought "fuck that shit" I've carried on, because every comment, every like, every tweet seriously pushes me that bit further to continue and enjoy my blog. 
So what's next for 2014? this year I plan to continue with my blog, however say yes a lot more! I get invites all the time to events in london but sadly I say no due to being scared of getting lost and well braving the city alone! Lose weight! This is my main aim for this year. I've already set myself a task to drop one dress size ready for LFW this February! I will be happy to just lose two dress sizes. I've never wanted to be stick thin, I think curves fit a lot better. Travel! it's been a while since I've been on holiday due to family problems and seems as the last time I went away I came home to my mom and dad separating. (awkward) However plans have already started to go on holiday this year to Amsterdam with some of my favourites and I cannot wait! mainly for this year all  I want is to be happy. The past two years have been shite for me, but this year is all about being positive, and enjoying my life. 
I just want to take this moment to say thank you for reading my blog, and just taking the time to notice the little space I created to finally let myself be happy. I hope you continue to follow me in 2014, as I promise to be more honest and not hold back anymore.