let's face it. We all love designer brand's for high street prices! My favourite you tuber is heyclaire. I think I just love her whole life, she live's in LA she's got the best job in the world, she's got kick ass style, oh and did I meant ion she live's in LA!? oh the dream. But seriously if you haven't checked her out yet go and give her a watch because her video's and such good quality and genuinely a joy to watch. Anyway She has this iPhone case, of course her's is real because she'd perfect and well she can afford it. But for me I didn't want to fork out £35 (link to a real one from Harvey Nichols) on a iPhone case which I will drop and crack. (oh and I did). So I went onto good old ebay, where I found a seller who sell's the case's in a range of colours. I first brought the gold one pictured above. (this was from a different seller and the box was included) Sadly I dropped my phone last week so there's a few crack's in the gold one now, So i thought I would order myself a new one but in a different colour. I went for pink because who doesn't love a girly edge to such a rough edgy iPhone case? I'm really loving accessorising recently especially when you can do it in so many different way's! from iPhone case's, to jewellery, to body jewellery, like Freshtrends collection, such simple way's to add detail and accessorise your outfit. 
So if you're after a designer bargain, pop over to ebay and bag yourself one of these beautiful iPhone cases, they fit iPhone 4 and 5. I have the iPhone 5s in gold and it fit's well is easy to get on and off.