When I attended the Clothes Show early last month, I was in the press room, to relax and have a cuppa, and a few cheeky biscuits. We were also given a Mary kay Gift Bag. The bag included this Primer. Now Mary kay is a brand I'd never heard of before, however i was reassured by the bloggers i was with, it's a great brand! I'd only started using a primer a few month's ago but really noticed the difference with the use of a primer base. I really enjoyed my experience with the Smashbox photo Finish primer, however with such a large price tag I just couldn't spend that much on a primer. However this Mary kay primer really appealed to me. The primer works beautifully against the skin to provide the perfect base and acts like a magnet to your foundation. I really notice the difference when it comes to using the primer and the effect it has on my foundation, I'd highly recommend this primer if your not after a massive price tag. 

what primer do you use?