FINALLY. Well it took long enough didn't it. I finally got around to ordering myself one of the 'IT' blogger bags. This bag has made it's round's in the blogging world from the large version first, and now everyone's opting for the mini. I use to be obsessed with having big bag's. I just loved them. Now it's small all the way. I just knew it was time to order myself a Zara bag after running a giveaway to win your own, which you can enter here.  The black version was out of stock, but being a eager tiger I set up the email alert to get a email when it comes back in stock. So I woke up Tuesday Morning with the email and straight away it was ordered. 
Over-all I love the bag, perfect size, the quality, the inside compartments. Also what a bargain for £29.99; Just perfect. I was really impressed with how the bag was packed and boxed. 
However I really wasn't impressed with the customer service from Zara. Firstly the delivery, I decided to have the bag delivered to store so I could just go pick it up, as I know I usually get delivery's when I'm out. And in experience delivering to store is usually very quick and less hassle. It took over a week to finally have my order delivered to store, now being my first time ordering from Zara Online, I was expecting to see a difference. Although when I went to the store to pick it up I wasn't happy. I was sent all over the shop, by different member's of staff. Then when I finally got the order the sale's assistant was very rude and it was like she was looking at me like I was a piece of s**t. Not being funny but you should at least fake a smile, and talk to me with some respect as that's what you get paid for, not to look pretty and feel cool because you work for a popular highstreet store. But despite this i got my bag and I love it. However it's safe to say I really don't like zara's staff attitude, I've noticed in all their store's their staff are very rude and well stuck up their own arse.