I'm really not happy with the colour scheme in these photo's as usually I actually take my outfit photo's when it's getting dark with creates a nice balance when I brighten, sadly with natural brightness it well looks a bit dodgy. (I'll be doing a blog post soon on what editing software, etc I use and my blogging essentials) Oh well,  I thought I'd still post this outfit as I love it. Yes more Tartan. In the past two weeks I've brought five pair's of tartan trousers/leggings. It's safe to say I don't need anymore. I picked up these leggings in London on Monday, despite the fact they have them in my local topshop too. oops. Strangely they are a lot more comfy than my red ones from Topshop. If i'm honest they felt a bit too big too, which is always a good thing. 
Right now I'm in bed after finishing work, I'm also ill yet again. (yaaaaaay. *insert sad cat face here*) I literally sound like a bloke right now. I've been ill twice in the past few weeks. damn you winter. Tonight consists of trying to not break my diet and eat junk and watching trash tv while I dose up on medication. I hope your al having a lovely saturday night!