I picked up this T shirt dress a few weeks ago now from Primark, and I've only got around to wearing it. I've saw the whole dresses over T shirt's and Jumpers trend become quite popular recently. While It wasn't a style I wanted to be on straight away now I own this very basic dress within the trend, It's just a casual and great way to layer this winter/spring. 
The dress only costs £10 from Primark with the attached White T shirt under neath and the strappy black cami dress attached. I absolutely love this dress for it's price and the fit. I actually styled this dress with my Topshop coat, I'm really shocked how much I'm wearing my Pink coat seems as the only reason I didn't get one soon was because I thought I'd never wear the damn thing! (well I've proved myself wrong there) For 310 you can't go wrong with this dress, I really hope primark bring's out a range of other materials and colours!