Well I've been a bad blogger this week. While I've still been posting, my regular outfit posts I've just reaaaaaaly not kept up with. Anyway I finally picked up my TOPSHOP order on Friday and finally got my hands on this beautiful swing dress. It was in the sale online luckily in my size. Seeing it was £50 reduced to £15 I knew I had to get it. I'd also seen it in store a few time's but never brought because of the large price tag. I'd not ordered from TOPSHOP online before, so I was curious to how I'd find the service. I ordered on Tuesday, and it was in my chosen store by Friday. This was really good as it already told me I'd have it no later than Friday. Meanwhile my Zara order which i ordered two hours before, only got shipped today. (ugh) Anyway I'm super happy with the service from TOPSHOP. 
Today I did a bit of shopping I ended up picking up some right bargain's, including; hat, shoe's and short's all for LFW. But my big bargain's of the day of course was my Dior clutch and my studio lighting. if you follow me on twitter (which you should) you will of seen me tweet about them.