We all love going on holiday, whether it's just a quick two hour flight or a nasty twelve. The flight is probably the most boring and probably the stressful part of your holiday. So what can you do to stay glam while your stuck on a plane? 
 BEAUTY // The last few times I've been away I was very mad on make up, so this was easy. I went bare faced. A lot of people do this to save yourself the mess, as having a good sleep on a long flight is always a great way to get rid of a bit of time. However if you're not to keen on going bare faced. I'd recommend you go for a very moisturising foundation, and a subtle eye. No matter how fabulous you want to look you don't want to be trying to go to sleep with a pair of fake eyelashes and heavy eyeshadow which will well, not look so pretty when you wake up. if you are brave enough to go bare faced, treat your skin to all your favourite skin treatments from duty free! 
CLOTHING // It's really easy to be comfy and stylish these day's as the sport luxe look, and the oversized trends are doing very well at the moment. I'd recommend you go for some comfy bottoms; leggings jogger's etc. Then you want to think about the top half, this really depends on where you’re off to! If it's hot you want a cardigan  
and a loose thin T shirt. This allows you to sack off the cardigan as soon as you get there. Of course to keep the outfit very stylish, add a statement hand bag, and a statement necklace to boom the outfit. 
SHOES // You may have the comfiest heels around, but you don't need the hassle when you’re dealing with the rush of an airport and climbing through to collect luggage. So opt for the comfy choice trainers, slip-ons or even flats. 

There are loads of flight companies that specialize in long haul flights that make travelling a bit easier, so you don’t always have to worry about the travel planning part. This is what I do to keep myself looking fresh and stylish on my long flights what do you do? 

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