If you were born, or just alive in the 90's a few of the images above will make you smile. Ah, the nineties. One of fashion's first truly self-conscious eras, where perms were abandoned for the much cooler crimp - a less voluminous but functionally identical hairdo. Grunge and innovation, two seeming opposites, flourished side-by-side during the nineties. There were inflatable sofas, but also the introduction of Tempur beds. It's amazing how the nineties' style is still very popular 20 year's later! While the trend's have remained very popular, there of course are a few thing's that were better off left in the nineties. 
Tamagotchi; we all had one, we all also got pretty ticked off with the little egg shaped device that was our entire life for the first week or so.  But damn wasn't they the best thing since sliced bread until they did our head's in!?  For the kid's who weren't allowed a pet this was amazing, a virtual pet you had to feed and could play with, without your parent's getting ticked off. But tamagotchi's aren't so fun when they keep going off and well are just a bit too needy for any teenager. it was just too much commitment. 
Saved By the bell! me and my brother literally spent our whole childhood watching this TV show on Nickelodeon. Why not, the comedy, the story behind it, and of course what girl of the nineties didn't fancy Zack? Also who was shocked to see how much he's changed when he appeared in a show on E4 last year...wow. 
But of course the fashion had to be the best of the 90's. The bubble bag. I had three of these, why? because they were freaking awesome! well after you were out of breathe blowing them up, of course. Sadly I don't have any outfit of the day photo's for you ft the bag. (sorry). 
I really hope you enjoyed this fun post, I love looking back on my childhood and everything that really made it the best! I could probably go on with all the thing's that were pretty awesome and that I miss but let's round it up, why don't you tell me what your favourite thing of the 90's was!?