Last night a lot of bloggers stayed up to watch the Golden Globes on E! I love a bit of bitching and "what the hell is she wearing?" Sadly I had to have a night off as I'm still full of cold and was fast asleep by 11:30pm. However this morning I've hunted down the web to find my best dressed of 2014.  
OUTFIT ONE // OLIVIA WILDE. This dress is something I'd wear without thinking twice. The fit of the dress works so well for Olivia with her cute baby bump, while making sure she's stays very classy and glam with the sparkles from the sequins. 
OUTFIT TWO // KAYLEY CUOCO. I feel like this us a very love hate dress for a lot of people for me I love it. A very classy style with such a beautiful print. However i feel like with her make up and hair she'd gone for a more rocky/glam look while her dress is very sweet and girly. I would of opted for beach waves and a less busy eye. 
OUTFIT THREE // ALLISON WILLIAMS. This dress is very safe, and Allison picked well for her body shape. The monochrome theme works well with the top half looking like a separate piece to the bottom, breaking up her body and also extending her height. But I really like how the dress has been used as an accessory. The straps cross over which allows to break up and add detail to the chest. 
OUTFIT FOUR // EMILIA CLARKE. This dress is probably my favourite. from the length, the sweet heart base. right down to the cut. I just love this dress. It cannot do no wrong. However I do feel like she's wrecked it with the clutch. I would of gone for a very glam gold metal clutch to make a statement. 
OUTFIT FIVE // CAITLIN FITZGERALD. I think a lot of people will be shocked for me loving this dress so much. But damn is it beautiful. I would say it's a very vintage styled dress with the roll neck fit, and the high from. The colour also works well to make the statement it's after. I also like that she hasn't kept it too plain with just adding one shade shoe's and kept he beautiful baby blue flowing with a hint of peach! 
OUTFIT SIX // CATT SADLER. When I've lost all the weight I'm after this is the sort of dress I'll be strutting my stuff in! You really have the body to wear such a elegant beautiful dress like this. I love these dresses so much and Catt sandler was the woman to work it. 

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