This is the outfit I wore sunday for my first lot of birthday celebrations with the family. As I was going to be in London all day I meant I wouldn't get to see any family until later in the week so we decided to do a little shopping and a meal. I love this dress I picked up from Missguided a few months back now. Just the colour of the royal blue then the fit is just perfect. I usually wear the coat with my Topshop Fur collar coat however I thought I'd give my fur gilet and biker sleeves a go. I really like how it looks all together. It's a very casual outfit but that royal blue velvet add's a bit of sasssaaay to it.
Today I'm having a lazy day however it is the first day of my official diet! I'm doing the 7 day slim by Vicky Pattinson from Geordie shore. I love Vicky and she's really lost a lot of weight and looks amazing, While I don't want to be that thin I'm excited to see the results. I will be doing a weekly update. I was going to start a diet blog but I just don't feel that I can keep committed to the diet and feel more pressure from blogging about it also. So You will have a weekly post every sunday. Already i've cut out junk food, I'm drinking water, and sticking to 1,200 calories a day. Anyway i'll go into more detail on what I've been eating, and the 7 day slim work outs in more detail on sundays post!