So, Valentine's day has come and gone again for another year (thank god) I've only had one Valentines day were I've been with someone, and they ended up working and we didn't even see each other till a week after! But every year the 14th of February come's around you either feel, happy and excited to share a day with your loved one, or depressed and excited to tuck into your tube of Ben and Jerry's! But what do we really expect on Valentine's day? 
It seem's we either have high expectation's or low on Valentine's day. Majority (38%) would like a romantic night in on Valentine’s Day. This is both Men and Women. I would rather this than rushing out and trying to be romantic in a packed out restaurant. Also I feel a night in is a lot more intimate and relaxed. 26% of people would happily buy a bedroom toy for their partner on Valentine's Day. Cheeky, but let's face it Valentine's day is just a nice name for 'everyone have sex day' 30% of women would prefer to dress up in sexy lingerie in the bedroom. I know a lot of men either moan or love it when women buy new lingerie. "I've brought you something" and it's lingerie for them, oh men's face's. But let's face it girl's we much prefer our granny pant's so it really is a present for them, not for us. 
 Either way on Valentine's day we all have different expectation's from not really needing to celebrate it, as you should show the one you love, that you adore them everyday anyway. Then you may be a big romantic and spoil your boyfriend/girlfriend. Then you may also be single like me who spent it with friend's having a laugh. Here are a few song's to cheer you up! #idontneedaman & #allthesingleladies  Above are a few bit's I would expect on Valentine's day from sensible presents, to the cheeky flirty one's perfect for a romantic night in. So all further boyfriend's will be sent this post. So what did you do this Valentine's day, alone or in a relationship?