oh yes, bargain Chloe went on a mad one to show all you "oh I only shop at Topshop" that actually, the supermarkets can cut it. I was challenged by Debt Free Direct to create an outfit with item's from a supermarket. Two of my favourites are ASDA George, and Tesco F+F collection's. At first I choose Tesco, after loving their shoe range. However it is clearly a bit of hit and miss with their good stuff. I then decided after popping into my local ASDA that they had a lot more to offer! 
At frist I had my sight's on ASDA's very affordable smock dresses that are only £10!!! However due to their being a change in our ASDA they had swapped a lot of the clothing around. So I ended up spotting this beautiful white top from the MODA collection. I admit I first thought the MODA collection was very granny, and for the more mature women. I was taken back when I realised they had some beautiful pieces, including this beautiful top. The top did originally come with a scarf, that just wasn't my style though. The top is very basic but with the embroidery detailing it makes it so pretty and easy to wear. Perfect for thing spring/summer. I will add that I sized up by two sizes (ekk) but I love the over sized look it has given. 
Jeans! I rarely wear jeans these day's due to me living in my disco pant's and tights. I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and brave the jean shopping. Also All I wear is high waisted! These aren't high waisted so I was super scared my Kim Kardashian hips would go wild. However these jeans are so flattering and so comfy! I'm also so in love with the light blue shape, a shape I've never gone for before! 
Bag, now the satchel has been a bag a lot of my friend's have gone for, but I've never been a 'fan'. On this occasion I thought I'd again try something different. Also I know the satchel is a popular bag, and  are very expensive. This version from ASDA is beautiful! gold hardware, and a perfect size. It made me fall in love. Oh and yeah it's only £12! that's Primark prices! 
I've actually been after this style of statement necklace for a while now, I guess the picky in me kept coming out though. But ASDA you hit the spot and found my perfect gold plated necklace. This was £5, if I'm honest that's a little pricey for ASDA. While looking for a comparison I found it hard to find another with a large price range difference. 

And here are some high street store pick's just like the item's I picked up from ASDA, but the difference of the price. So which do you prefer, high street or supermarket clothing? Over all I don't think i could ever fully commit to super market clothing, as they can be a little behind. I do believe we should be more aware of what they have to offer, and pop into the clothing department more and make our money for further!

(I was gifted with an amount to create an outfit from my supermarket of choice, by Debt Free Direct all view's and opinions are my own)