Still feeling a bit blue after Valentine's day? Don't you worry, boy's are just like us girl's they love gift's! So why not get set for when you bag your man, with these gift's which are sure to blow your man off his feet. When ever I've been in a relationship I always like to buy my boyfriend's little funny present's, from a inside joke, or just something they love.
Well of course, the 'painless' piercing is clearly the joke present of them all, unless your boyfriend can't tell the time. I choose this because for me I like lad's with tattoo's and piercing's so this would be a great little joke to persuade your boyfriend to get a piercing without the pain of course. Boys are so sensitive. 
A Speaker, there's one thing I know everyone in the world must love and that is music. This speaker is small, perfect glove box addition, or may a cheeky new item to add to their man bag. I have my own little speaker, that is perfect for the shower, even in the car. So this would be a great little valued present that would not go without use. 
Now this present will go down a treat with any male who enjoys a good game on the playstation? At Gioteck they offer a range of item's perfect for all playstation users, from game chair's, to controller's. There still isn't anything too new out there for the new generation of consoles just yet, Gioteck offer leading PS3 controllers and hopefully will be releasing PS4 controllers in the future.
Then here is the sensible present. A watch, I've brought the safe watch present a few times now, and it always goes down a treat. Lad's aren't able to accessorise as much as us so a watch is a classic and easy way for them to add some arm candy to their arm.