It's been a while since my last beauty post, but with fashion week, I guess beauty had to take a back seat. Anyway, here is a new product i was super eager to try out, and when i got sent it, oh boy it was a good day. I've been using the Effaclar Duo [+] for just over a week now. My skin has become much clearer, and as I tweeted on twitter to La Roche-Posay themselves, my face feels like a babies arse. 
So...what is it meant to do?
Target the key signs of oily and blemish-prone skin with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+], a complete skincare solution that eliminates acne marks from the moment they start to form.
This non-sticky, melt-in formula is clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, while unclogging blocked pores, controlling shine and refining the skin’s texture. Anti-inflammatory Niacinamide intensely soothes, while LHA and Salicylic Acid gently exfoliate the surface of the skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the formula accelerates the skin’s repair process.
The bestselling Duo formula has now been enhanced with Procerad, a patented Ceramide that rebuilds the skin’s surface and prevents the red and brown pigmentation marks left behind by acne. This key ingredient reduces inflammation and the proliferation of hyperpigmentation, which can become permanent if left untreated.
Apply every morning and evening after cleansing. Follow with moisturiser if skin is prone to dryness. The long-lasting matte finish hydrates the skin for 24 hours, and makes an excellent makeup base.
Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, tested under dermatalogical control.
 My skin has never been terrible, I guess I was blessed with only really getting serious break out's around the time of the month. However over the year's scars have built up from the spot's I did gain. This resulted in me hating my natural skin. When it comes to foundation, I wear far too much as I want to hide away them nasty marks! Now I've been using Effaclar Duo[+] my scars and marks have slowly disappeared. Not to get you too excited or anything but it really is a miracle worker! They recommend you apply the application morning and night, I've only been using it at night, and still I've gained amazing results. 
I'd really recommend this product to anyone who has a few scar's and want's that perfect product to fix them! and just give your skin a fresh new look. Of course if you have serious acne scar's i think this product would probably help, but wouldn't be as powerful as a product from your local GP. 
Have you tried the new LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO[+]?

(I was kindly sent the product for my consideration. All opinions and views are my own)