First of all, I'm sorry for the delay in this post, literally London Fashion Week is the most tiring experience ever! On Thursday we arrived in London and checked in. We also went to an event that night however it wasn't amazing there for I didn't even bother to take any picture's despite hanging with proud lock and his pal's. (sadly Stevie wasn't there) However on Friday It all kicked in! we woke up around 9am to get ready, we then headed off to our rickshaw! I was offered this and a few other goodies for attending the Fyodor Golan show (which was amazing) You can read more about this in my other post.  I loved the whole experience of riding around London in a rickshaw seeing the sights on our way to the show. However the bike did break so we ends dup having Ned come and get us with some umbrella's! (thank god!) Luckily it was only a 5 minute walk so we managed to get there just in time to have a quick drink before the show! The Fyodor Golan show was amazing, I was 2nd row and the whole atmosphere, colours trend's were beautiful. For my first show at Fashion Week it sure did set a high bar for the rest of the shows. While at the show I saw a fe wot my favourite bloggers! (FROW, melon lady, London Lipgloss oh and just my idol Lily Melrose) After the show we stuck aroun for a few outfit snap's then made our way to our next show. 
 We went over to Fashion Scout for the 'One's to watch' show I loved the collection's shown, very different and they sure are one's to watch, however standing and having a woman with a iPad in front of you wasn't the best. Then I went to see the Ong-Oaj Pairam Show, I always really excited to see this show, after receiving their amazing invite! I think I loved this show so much as I was sat opposite Beauty Crush, and just 3 meter's away were Mark Francis, Louise Thompson and Binky from Made In Chelsea. You know just chilling with the star's. I managed to a get a picture with Binky also which made my day! But yeah the show! I may do a separate post for this show also as the collection was very wearable and so on trend with the yellow, and orange pop of colour twisted into the outfit's. 
After this we were so knackered we just headed back to Startford, wondered the westfield, then ended up in Nando's on Valentines day. Yes Nando's. Over all The first day was amazing, I loved the whole atmosphere and trend's I saw. However it god damn killed me.