A few weeks ago an exciting email popped into my inbox from Simply Be. A clothing brand that sizes from 12-32. Basically a clothing brand for women who aren't able to shop on the high street. A lot of high street stores stop at 16-18, so it's nice that sites like Simply Be are available for the curvier women. I was challenged to create an outfit 'FROW Worthy' I literally spend hours browsing the site, It was so hard to choose as there was such a beautiful collection. 

I ended up picking this beautiful blue and black lace cami dress. I'd seen this dress a few time's in magazine's, blogs etc. So I had to snap it up. When I put it on I was instantly in love with the dress. It was a perfect fit for my slim top, big hips body. While it's a very plain chic dress, the black lace add's a bit of 'sexy' to it. I then went with this jacket. Now I love my classic biker jacket, I wear it at least twice a week. Like it's a rule to wear it. However i didn't feel anything else would fit the look like a biker jacket, so I picked this very unique and 80's styled jacket with the metallic sleeves. I fell in love with the jackets when i saw it on a model on the site, the jacket is very wearable and I've actually worn it with a few other outfits too! The bag, Oh the bag. I think I've needed a nice statement white bag for a while now. This one fit the bill. I posted a picture of this bag and go so many nice comment's because it really is just beautiful. 

Over all I loved this outfit it was very chic and classic, but also allowed me to feel sexy with the pop of colour and lace! It seems this would be the perfect look to attract the men, however it seems us girls are now after the Geek's rather than the 'Chic' guys. I know for me I look at lad's who would be 'husband material' at CyberCompare.net they conducted a poll to find out what women between 19-24 preferred. “Do you prefer a potential partner to have a ‘geek’ or smart/ formal dress sense?” Out of all young women polled, 54 percent chose ‘geek’.When asked why they did so, the majority, 71%, claimed that this style of clothing made men seem ‘more approachable’; whilst 57% claimed that they saw a man with a ‘geeky’ style as likely to be more intelligent. 39% simply claimed that to be their style, and so they preferred men with a similar style. Now don't get me wrong I like my man to have some sort of style, I also feel a guy with a great sense of style and care for himself is very attractive. A lot of the girls said they liked seeing slogan T shirt's and skinny jean's on men. Does that mean the big bang theory guys are what we all look for in a man? 
It just show's that fashion play's a big part in all situations of our lives. From our relationship's to our social live's in the industry.