Let's all be thankful that the sun has finally got back to work, and is finally providing us with some sunshine. The past few morning the sun has been beaming down on Shropshire. It's been lovely to go on longer walks with baby and really get back into my exercise! While spotting the odd bloom with the flowers! I love the summer as I really ditch the black's and dress a bit more girly. 
So what have I got planned for this summer? well first of all I really want to go on holiday this year. It's been a while since I've been away. And Damn you can't beat the sea and sun in a different country. So hopefully I get away and have a nice relaxing week with some spanish men. I also rely want to go to Paris, I've been to the outside bit of France but never to the city of LOVVVEEE. Weekend breaks to Paris are so easy to come across so this will definitely happen this year. 
Enjoy my garden, I actually have a pretty good sized garden, and it's layer out pretty well. We also have Sliding doors which are literally a dream in the summer, as they instantly let the cool air into the house. I enjoy sitting in the sun for about half an hour then I get restless so it's nice to take time out and pop into the cool house for a cheeky ice drink. If you don't have sliding doors on your house, I would highly recommend them for the summer months. You can purchase some amazing quality ones from Express Bi-Folding Doors. 
Eat healthy not matter the weather. In the summer we all get a bit carried away with eating too much ice cream and alcohol. However I'm on a aim to stay on track and not lose what I will achieve. It's never good when you work your ass off to get somewhere then it goes down the drain. So I'll be sure the take care when it comes to having a family BBQ! 
Anyway the summer is on it's way, slowly, but surely, and I'm excited for the whole atmosphere and enjoying the weather within my own home and away. What are your plans for this summer?