So, this year I finally told myself "I want to move out" I'm pretty happy with my home life. I know a lot of people hate living at home with parents as they feel trapped etc. For me I have a lot of freedom as I only live with my Dad and my Brother, both work meaning I get the house to myself on a regular bases. However I've got to the age where I want that bit more independence to live alone, or with friends and just be a little bit wild. i always feel so guilty when I've been out and I come stumbling in. (or walking into our front brush. This happened has happened sadly) Next year 2015, I will begin at least to make to move towards moving out. I'd love to make the move to London I won't lie but I need to get a pretty good job for that to come true. Anyway here are just a few bit's that I usually see when I'm on my strolls out, that make me want to move out even more. 
 Okay, can we just admire how beautiful this god damn dressing table is! and that fact it's only £150! I know that's not bargain money, but for that style. Wow tat is cheap. I've always wanted a dressing table like this very vintage, with the wooden detailing carved in. However last year I settled for a basic one from IKEA for around £40 I think, and I love it. (I'll be doing a 'what's on my dressing table post soon!) 
 I've never been one of them girl's that's obsessed with owl's, rabbit's etc on their furniture and clothing etc. I just don't get it. However I love my skull's and my stags. I don't know what it is about stag's but their whole facial features and looks just add's a great deal of detail to a wall. While this one is also silver which add's such a brilliant modern twist to the whole head of stag on a wall feature. 
 Okay, so I may end up buying these draw's pretty soon. I love IKEA, who doesn't. I bloody love it. Only recently did I try their meatballs and chips. OH LORD they were good. Anyway, before i get too carried away. I love these draw's I currently just have the three box of plastic draw's in my room, after slowly gaining more and more beauty products. Now it's got to the point where I need even more draw's. (how I do this I don't even know) These are also super cheap and great value for your money.
 Now lighting, I don't actually own a lamp in my room, I have fairy lights and my main light. However I really need to get myself one, they are great for when your in need of the chill down time just before snoozing off to sleep. This one from LampCommerce, and it's literally so beautiful and unique, I need it now. At LampCommerce they have an amazing range of brands. I also like how it's kind of a decoration also on it's own, which is perfect as it works as a two in one for both day time and night time! 

(this post contain's a sponsored link. All opinions are my own)