Yes, summer is finally on it's way! With all the preparations for London Fashion Week this week, I've really been getting into the summer trends. I'm loving everyone's S/S14 collection's everyone has really gone for it this year to make sure their spring/summer item's stand out the most! I'm really loving all the pastel's from pink's, to baby blue and mint green, oh it's like looking at ice cream such a dream! But of course my heart still belongs to the monochrome trend, that will forward be on trend I feel. Here are just a few bit's I've been lusting after while I've been browsing the online shopping sites. If only I had all the money in the world so I could own all these pretty things!  

I'm still addicted to smock dresses, so much I'm taking three along with me to Fashion week! I love the print on this smock dress from ASOS, it's very different, but it's a perfect dress to step into summer with. Smock dresses, are literally the perfect style of dress to pop on when you're having one of them day's where you just can't deal with jeans or disco pant's you just need to let it all 'smock about'. 

Don't we all wish we could afford a Cartier watch. Oh it's a dream, I love this gold piece, a classic design, with a beautiful face. Also seems as my Tommy Hilfiger watch is looking a bit battered after wearing it pretty much 24/7, I'm in need of a new watch! This style is very wearable for everyday, the classic colour and shape works well to blend into any outfit, giving your arm some very expensive arm candy.  Watches Of Switzerland offers a great range of high end watches, from Chanel, to a very expensive Lord Disick Rolex! Of course if your not dating a Kardashian it's out of your price range so it's perfect for us to all of us to drool over.

Now let's talk about this bag, I usually opt for a black bag, I'm so boring, however I've just completely fell in love with this bag, it's perfect with such a classic satchel style. I love the gold detailing, the shape, everything, this bag really is just a dream, and a statement bag which would be great to take along to fashion week. I can see myself styling this bag with a all black outfit, or even to exploded all over the monochrome trend. 

I've opted for my parker a few time's the past few weeks, I've just wanted to say warm, and I know too well I can be on trend along with nice and warm. However I'm not too sure what on earth I'm going to do with my parker is too thick for the summer weather! So I saw this lovely short thin jacket styled parker from Topshop. It's perfect, it also has a tartan print in the hood. (we all know I love tartan) So this jacket will be perfect for the night time, or for when it's not exactly summer, because let's face it in england we can't choose the weather. 

What are you lusting after for this summer?