So I brought this jacket way back last year. You can view my ebay post here, and the outfit post.  I literally must of worn it a handful of times last year, then it's been stuck on my rail ever since! However today with the weather beaming and the sun shining, the jacket came out to play. This jacket is perfect for my all black outfit's all I wanted to wear today was trousers and a baggy top. However I popped on this jacket to add the summer vibes. It still shocks me that this jacket was going for £50-£70 on ASOS. 
Today I went and had my nail's done, then went for lunch before heading to work. I've finally got my car on the road so I can actually get about a bit more. It's still a little scary, and I'm still building up my confidence but slowly but surely I'm taking over the road. Like I said in my previous post, I'm slacking on my blogging recently as I'm working almost everyday now, along with needing to get other stuff sorted too. I actually ordered a camera remote the other day and it came today. So tonight I dragged out the lighting, tripod and snapped away. It's going to be a lot easier now to get outfit posts done with the remote. I'll also finally explore outfit into more interesting and cooler outfit posts! 
I hope you're all well!