Don't you love it when you're half and half about a item, but when you get it home you fall in love? I popped into my local town centre the day the TOPSHOP sale started. I will admit it's rare I'll buy a lot of things from TOPSHOP full price, I get most of my goodie's in the sale. This was another one to add to my bargain bag of goodies? When I first saw it I wasn't in love, but I love a good smock dress so I decided to take it to the till along with some other bits. It wasn't until the next day that I put it on and that was it. I loved it. Of course it's not too over sized in your classic smock style due to my boobs, and let's face it. You shouldn't have boobs if you want to shop in TOPSHOP. Not to go on about my boobs or anything, but I swear they've grown again. ugh. 
The dress was only £15 down from £32, or £38 one of them. 

Have you picked up any goodies in any sales recently?