In this day and age getting a job is becoming harder and harder. Then when you've got a job, getting the available hours becomes a fight with your fellow colleagues.

A lot of you may be leaving University soon and dreading the hunt to get a secure job as you continue to prove your independence to your parents. Well, why not create your own business? Today it is very easy to sit at home and become a self-made entrepreneur from your bedroom.

Only recently I become full-time in my retail job, but before that I spent my weekdays blogging. Also a few years ago I had my own online shop selling customised jackets. I was shocked at how much interest I got in these - I sold around 30 jackets in 2 weeks! I really wish I had stuck at it and expanded to keep my shop going.

Ever since I was younger, I dreamed about having my own clothing line. These days reality stars are getting clothing lines here, there, and everywhere. I've always wanted to offer the clothing for women with my body shape and just have my designs put out there. I studied textiles for five years, and often wonder where it’s all gone. Dreams like these should be acted on while you have the chance.

However, not everyone really wants to sit at home blogging, or go out to work in retail, or deal with nagging rude customers. So why not get your dream job by creating your own start-up company with Virgin Start Up Loans, Virgin Start Up is a not-for-profit organisation that helps entrepreneurs aged 18 and over in England with the funding, resources and advice they’ll need to make their business idea a reality, something which I wish I had found a few years ago!

There are so many talented youngsters that are stuck working in jobs they hate just to keep their new car on the road, or help out their parents with bills. So wouldn't it be amazing to pay off your parents’ mortgage, or maybe treat them to a holiday for all the amazing work they did for you? Well, now you could live your dream, and start up your own business with the help of Virgin.

So if you've got an idea, why not go with it? They offer a range of advice, and training for yourself to make sure your business becomes a success. This is such a great opportunity for anyone with an amazing idea for a business if there’s a space on the market for it. SO GO AND GET IT OUT THERE!