We all love a good bargain, whether it's from a pair of designer shoe's for half the RRP price to maybe a new iPhone charger as your has bitten the dust. We all look for the cheapest option, no matter what were doing. With online shopping this is becoming easier for us to do, with sites that compare deal's to sites that are known for their discount prices! Personally I prefer to look online first rather than hitting the shops. I know that online brand's offer their services at a discount rates, from promotions for one day, a cheeky discount code, to flash sales. 
One of the main places I shop at is eBay. Ebay is brilliant whether you're selling, or buying. You can pretty much find anything your after. Another joy with eBay is that it's all about the bidding! A lot of item's start from as little as 99p meaning you can grab yourself a right bargain if there's only you after an item. While eBay is brilliant for it's bargain's and for everything you need in one place, it's not always that simple. But are you being safe when it comes to online shopping? 
  • Receiving goods or services which do not match the advertiser’s description.
  • Buying fake goods intentionally or unintentionally - finding they are of inferior quality and also possibly funding more serious crimes in the process.
  • Bogus online stores/shops – fake websites and email offers for goods and services that do not exist. 

Every day I'm subscribed to a new email subscription from a brand. It's annoying, and a lot of the time they don't even look very safe. Luckily for me, I'm very curious to checking out a brand, review's etc before buying. I recently brought my car insurance from a compare site online, and this worried me a lot to weather it was a scam, luckily it wasn't. 

What can you do to prevent yourself from getting scammed online? 
  • Research the brand, look at review's, read the feedback left on eBay sellers, before you make any commitment to pay. 
  • Use Paypal. Paypal is a great way to protect you and your money from getting scammed. Now a lot of online stores offer payment through Paypal, including eBay. 
  • Check your detail's, There's been a numb rod time's I've made purchases and ended up sending stuff to my old address. 

But most of all, just take your time when buying online, read description's and feedback. Make sure you know the brand/seller before you give them your well earned cash and keep safe online!