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I love tattoo's. The rush, even the pain gets me excited. Tattoo's are probably the one thing a lot of people won't get due to the pain. For me I would describe the pain like getting stabbed by a pencil about 100 times. I'm pretty lucky as I can block out the pain and just sit there while I get stabbed and just look at my phone. This is probably why I ended up getting five of my tattoo's in one year. In total I have seven tattoo's. (a post will follow) If you're not a fan of tattoo's don't comment, with negative thoughts. However if you love the creative side of them feel free to express your opinions. 
Above are just a few idea's for what i want next. My last tattoo was my roses on my shoulder, which I'm itching to get touched up as the lining is so thin, however I'm now considering expanding on the original tattoo into a bigger piece. While I love sleeves on guy's, I don't think they suit girl's as much. Don't get me wrong some girl's can really work it, then others look like dicks. For me I already have a very large piece in my inner arm, This I've played with getting made into a half sleeve. So I've decided to get a Mandala tattoo. I've loved this style for a while now, and it's defiantly something I want done. 
I also love my skulls as you will know, so getting a skull is also something I'm eager to do, I've just not found the perfect design yet! Although, I did design my first tattoo, so I think I might get the paper out and start designing, put my B in art to good use! 
Next colour, a lot of my tattoo's are plain black. I only have two that have colour in them. One you can never see! A tattoo artist that has definitely inspired me is Lauren Winzer. (her instagram) I follow her on instagram and her tattoo's are literally amazing, she can go from doing all your favourite Disney princesses to a beautiful mandala piece. She really is talented and what i'd do to get inked by her. 
So just a few idea's from me, on what I'm after etc. I'll be going into more details on my opinion on tattoo's etc in me next post where I show you mine. Are you lusting after a new bit of ink?


  1. I want the symbol for Pi on the bottom of one foot and the number 42 on the other - at the moment. I've decided I'm only having one or two more and just can't decide what!! Great post - thanks for sharing.

  2. I have never had a tattoo , its not my thing but looks nice on others .x

  3. I have just had a half sleeve done and I love it. I am debating doing a post on it :)

  4. I've been dying to get a tattoo lately, I keep chickening out because I'm afraid I'll get sick of it the day after I get it lol But I just keep getting this random urge like "I'm gonna do it today!" I love how tattoos look though, it's a piece of art you get to carry with you everywhere. I love that middle tattoo in your inspiration, it looks so beautiful!

  5. I have 9 tattoos and I'm booking number 10 tomorrow! It's a pain that is addictive, it does hurt but eventually it numbs itself off for me, like after 20 minutes the skin is just numb and the adrenaline you get from getting one is just incredible! I agree with you that some girls just don't suit sleeves, I'm one of them girls who won't. I don't even like the idea of my arms being heavily tattoo'd cos I fear I'd look a bit too butch hahaha! Excited to see the tattoo post though, I'm so nosy when it comes to other peoples tattoos!
    Lou Barker xo

  6. I love tattoos and am nearly there on my half sleeve, it's personal opinion but I love them and my tattooist is amazing, check out my half sleeve at
    I've got quite a few others too it always makes me laugh when people say I don't look like someone who would have them, what kind of person is that!
    Great post :)

  7. I am so conflicted over tattoos. I admire them as a piece of artwork (although some pieces are a bit like 'modern art' you don't always understand their meaning etc) and I really want one. On the other hand, I am quite indecisive so I'd worry that something that I'd get tattooed may not mean as much or be relevant in 10 years time, let alone 50!

    However, I love the mandala style tattoo. I've always wanted a tattoo of a compass or a quote.

    I'd love if you wrote a post about your tattoos, I always find it interesting to learn a little bit more because tattoos are a reflection of your personality - I believe. Plus, it's great inspiration!
    ~Hannah xx