This post has been requested ever since I first started my blog over a year a go. So here we go! I've answered the Tattoo Tag question's while going into more detail about each tattoo! Anyway here's a little intro into my opinion on tattoos! 
One of the most common question's that get asked when someone first see's your tattoo is "what's the meaning behind it?" Well, not every tattoo has to mean something, stand for an event in your life, or remind you of someone you love. My tattoo's are a mixture of meaning's and art. Some of my tattoo's will always mean the world to me, while other's really are just there to look cool. Recently tattoo's are becoming more and more popular as they become a 'trend' I wouldn't recommend you get a tattoo just to be in with the crowd; tattoo's can't be washed away. For all of my tattoo's I've spent a good three-six month's just thinking about them, if I'll like them when I'm older etc. The main question I ask myself when I go for a tattoo is - "what will you look like as a mother?" This question always makes me really think. I don't want to look like a tit, and well to put it blunt, not look very classy. I know my nan always says to me "what will you look like wearing a wedding dress?" I know I got this thrown at me a lot when I had my inner arm tattoo! thankfully I already know what wedding dress I want! 


ROSES ON SHOULDER // This tattoo is my most recent tattoo that I got last summer with my ex. Don't worry it's no meaning to our relationship. We just got tattoo's at the same time! This tattoo has no meaning, I just really like the look of the whole roses on the shoulder. I think shoulder tattoo's look so pretty and look amazing when you wear an off the shoulder top! I was originally inspired by Beauty Crush's roses that she has on the back of her arm. I then looked into rose tattoo's which led me to the shoulder! 
BIRDS ON THE WRIST // This was my first ever tattoo! I found this original design on tumblr, I then adjusted it myself, by having the heart and the colour added to the piece. For my first tattoo I didn't want a meaningful one as I had no need. So I went for something cute and simple, with a bit of colour. This tattoo has been very popular with a lot of people, however I've expressed I'd like to change it now, and possibly get it covered up. This of course is something I really need to think about. 
FEATHERS BEHIND THE EAR // I got this tattoo at the same time as my finger tattoo. Of course a very typical girl tattoo with the feathers. I considered getting this tattoo in a number of places, however in the end I decided on the behind the ear, as this was somewhere I wanted to get tattooed, also I think the angle of the feather works well. 
RIBBION ON THE FINGER // I love finger tattoo's I think they look so interesting, and a great add on for your fingers. I love Cara's Lion, but I don't think I would ever get some a detailed big piece on a finger, I really like the hearts etc that a lot of girls get. However I'm not a fan of the letter's. So again no real meaning behind this tattoo, I just loved the look. Also my ribbon has white ink blended into it, which I love as it creates a more detailed effect. 
QUOTE ON HAND // The cheryl cole tattoo just wasn't to my taste. So I ended up getting my favourite quote on my hand. The quote is from Lauren Conrad, while on the hill's discussing Spencer pratt with Heidi.  God I miss The Hills. While this quote is from my style/ and just over all idol, the quote is also very true. While I've been in many bad relationship's it's nice to tell myself that Love shouldn't be a maybe thing, and I shouldn't be treated like crap. 
LA INNER ARM // So I went from two little bird's to this big ass tattoo. I know, mental. While a lot of people either love or hate this tattoo I love it. The one question I always get asked is "have you ever been?" haha NO. LA is one place I really want to go to before I die! can you tell all I did was watch The Hills and wish I was Lauren Conrad's best friend? For a while now I've been considering expanding the tattoo. I have a feeling by the end of this year I'll have another addition on that arm! The tattoo is also inspired by Kat Von D, as shed has a similar one on her shoulder! 
PAW PRINT ON THE FOOT // I've left this tattoo till last because this is the tattoo with the most meaning. In 2011 I lost my best friend, our pet dog Boss. My parents had gotten Boss two month's before I popped out, so i literally grew up with him. Until the May I was sitting my exams at school, we sadly had to have him put down, after he had gotten cancer and was no longer able to walk on his back leg's. I was brave and stayed with him while he was put to sleep. It is an experience I would never want anyone to go through. After growing up with Boss for the past sixteen year's of my life I knew I had to get something to remember him. This resulted in the paw tattoo. A lot of people hate pet tattoo's but I know this is simple and small but with such a big meaning for me, which will always remind me of my best friend who was there when I had a bad day. Now we have the wild Baby in our live's and I will do the same when she pop's off, and get a paw print on my other foot. Hopefully i won't be covered in paw print's as I get so attached to my dog's! 

1.How many tattoos do you have? I currently have seven tattoos! 
2. What's your favourite tattoo you have? My favourite is my roses on the shoulder tattoo.  It has no meaning however it was purely for art, and I loved the look of the roses on the shoulder. I was inspired by Beauty Crush! 
3. How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was sixteen when i got my first tattoo! The legal age is 18, however my parents gave me permission and I'd spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted. 
4. What do your parents think about your tattoo? My dad is heavily covered in tattoo's himself along with my brother having a full sleeve, so tattoo's are pretty popular in my family. I always ask my dad what he think's of a design before I get it done as I know it's a big commitment, and he will always tell me if I'll look like a knob or not. 
5. Does your boyfriend like your tattoos, if so what's his favourite? I'm currently single. But all of my ex's have always been a fan! One ex's even said my tattoo's were a turn on! I think a lot of lad's are really attracted to girl's with tattoo's! 
6. Did you always have a love for tattoos and what was your inspiration? I think I seeing my dad's as I grew up I always wanted to decorate myself too! However I did go through a 'tom-boy' rocker chic time. Although I also just wanted to look like Kat Von D. 
7. Do you plan on getting more tattoos in the future? In the summer I've a;ready decided to get my feet done, then expand on my arm's if I don't chicken out on the commitment to it first! 
8. Which tattoo would you say was the most painful? My most painful tattoo and the only tattoo I just couldn't stand the pain on was my paw print on the foot. I was almost in tear's it hurt so much! Which is why I've had to build myself up to even consider getting my feet covered in the summer! 
9. Do you regret any of your tattoo's and why? I don't regret any, however I probably would improve my first one, as I've gone off it a bit. While everyone who's seen my tattoo's loves it! 
10. What was your least painful tattoo? My ribbon! a lot of people are shocked when I tell them my finger tattoo was the least painful, I was shocked myself.