I've really been slacking on the outfit post's recently. It's also not going to get any better as my week's are now going to be busier! I've now got a larger contract at H&M which mean's I'm working a lot more, meaning less time to spend on blogging! (this makes me extremely sad). Blogging has been a second job to me as some week's I've made double my monthly income from my actual job! This means I will have to start planning ahead, and getting posts scheduled. While it mean's I'll be more busy I will have more money for more clothes! 
Anyway let's talk about this outfit. Do excuse my bitch face, I took so many photo's and I look miserable in all of them!  I brought this dress a while a go now in the sale, and I've only worn it out once! I would say it's a more winter/autumn styled dress as it's dark, and the texture try's to build a more warm thick effect. But as you can see I'm trying to blend it into my summer wardrobe too! I love black so much, I still wear it in the summer too, despite the fact it attract more heat! This dress with be perfect for any night time events. I'm off to a masquerade party tonight, so I might wear this! 
Yes, I'm still loving my shoes, i actually feel like I haven't featured them much on the blog, as I've not been doing outfit posts, I can assure you, they've not left my feet. Also you can check the blogger playlist i was apart of with curry's!