Well look at me being a proper fashion blogger and all that jazz. So I ordered myself a camera remote last week and it literally came the next day! If you have a Nikon, here is the link! such a bargain considering they are £19.99 in Argos. (er nah) You can see I need to work on hiding the remote a bit more, but for my first outfit post, I'm super happy. I'll be exploring more urban backgrounds from now on. Especially after seeing how well these pictures came out. It was a little awkward as at the bottom of my road is a primary school, so it's always busy. I did run inside my garden a few times to avoid the awkward stares. I soon got comfortable though and got some amazing shots! I have gone for a more brightened effect with these images also. Let me know if you like this more cloudy effect. 
Isn't the weather lush recently? I've working in most of it sadly, and sweating my bloody tits off as it's always so warm in the town centre. But it's defiantly shorts weather, maybe not get the leg's out just yet as they need tanning and toning. Oh I need some maintenance, this is what happens when your single. Anyway I'm off to get ready for work now, hope you're all enjoying the sun.