BAG - H&M*

I do apologise, that I don't look my usual sassy self in these photo's it seems I need to sack my photographer *cough* hayley. So yesterday was payday, and I also had a meeting in Birmingham. So What better than to do some shopping, then do the meeting, then more shopping. Well that's what me and Hayley did. I ended up picking a few bits up from New Look, and I also brought my first pair of Muji drawers! ooooo! I'm a real blogger now.
I loved this outfit. It was very ready for spring and summer despite it being February. Yes I wore sandals in Febuary. (YOLO oh the shame) But honestly my feet didn't get cold once. These shoes I picked up from Primark earlier in the week. I was a little shocked and I'm still a bit confused. They are exactly like the New Look one's also they were the last ones, and for some reason they have a 'Spot on" Label on the sole? So when I took them to the till I was revealed when they scanned through. They are literally perfect, while also being so god damn comfy! 
I also brought this jumper earlier in the week along with my bag. The jumper I'd been eye-ing up for a while now in all H&M's it has finally come into my work now and I had to get it. Also for £5.99 a printed jumper, that's a bargain! Then the bag, do I need to say why I love this bag as it seems as you all feel the same? I know the black version was very popular, however H&M have recently through out two more colours, this beautiful baby blue, and a beige. This bag is going to be my go-to-bag for this summer, it's literally perfect it adds the perfect pop of colour to the outfit. 

(photo's by Hayley warren via a iPhone)