BAG - H&M*

I do apologise, that I don't look my usual sassy self in these photo's it seems I need to sack my photographer *cough* hayley. So yesterday was payday, and I also had a meeting in Birmingham. So What better than to do some shopping, then do the meeting, then more shopping. Well that's what me and Hayley did. I ended up picking a few bits up from New Look, and I also brought my first pair of Muji drawers! ooooo! I'm a real blogger now.
I loved this outfit. It was very ready for spring and summer despite it being February. Yes I wore sandals in Febuary. (YOLO oh the shame) But honestly my feet didn't get cold once. These shoes I picked up from Primark earlier in the week. I was a little shocked and I'm still a bit confused. They are exactly like the New Look one's also they were the last ones, and for some reason they have a 'Spot on" Label on the sole? So when I took them to the till I was revealed when they scanned through. They are literally perfect, while also being so god damn comfy! 
I also brought this jumper earlier in the week along with my bag. The jumper I'd been eye-ing up for a while now in all H&M's it has finally come into my work now and I had to get it. Also for £5.99 a printed jumper, that's a bargain! Then the bag, do I need to say why I love this bag as it seems as you all feel the same? I know the black version was very popular, however H&M have recently through out two more colours, this beautiful baby blue, and a beige. This bag is going to be my go-to-bag for this summer, it's literally perfect it adds the perfect pop of colour to the outfit. 

(photo's by Hayley warren via a iPhone)


  1. You look very sassy and lovely! Your outfit is just great for a spot of shopping but you are braver than me with the sandals!

  2. You look fabulous!
    I love those sandals!! Gorgeous x

  3. I think this is a great transition outfit from winter to spring/summer :)

    There are so many good sales and bargains at the monte I'm trying not to spend all my wages and be living off beans for the month

  4. These images are lovely, i adore the shoes! Hope i can nab myself a pair!

  5. I love the colour of your bag - it's so pretty! x

  6. I love the colour of your bag - it's so pretty! x

  7. I think you look fab and I love the jumper x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  8. I absolutely love the look of your bag! I can't believe the shoes are Primark either, I'll be searching for those babies next time I'm in town!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  9. looove the palm tree print!! you look lovely! :)

  10. it looks liek the weather was lovely for you and you look gorgeous hun, I especially love the beautiful jumper and those amazing shoes I am wanting for myself too x

  11. ha! It was hailing here yesterday. No way I was wearing sandals!