Ah, I've only posted twice this week, one was scheduled and one was a very simple post! I've been super busy and just not had the time to blog over the past two weeks, so i thought I'd have a little catch up. 
So where have I been? Working! As some of you may know, I work at H&M. I ended to extending my contract at work and getting a lot more hours, along with moving departments within the store, and being trained to be a visual merchandiser! This is all exciting stuff to be moving along in the company, as I've not been there that long either! I'm really enjoying work and being a bit more independent, and letting styling and vision shine through. I have been blogging and keeping track of my visual so far by posting on my styling blog. I haven't talked much about this blog, nor mentioned it, yet I've had so many views on it, without even placing it out there on any social media platforms! So If you fancy a nose, and to see what I get up to whenever I do my visual or test shoots. The past two weeks I've been doing more hours than I planned as we have an absence so I've been covering! Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon and have more time for my blogging days. 
On the day's I've not had work they were never spent in bed. Last week I went to London, this was to go to The Cat Cafe. I love London so I couldn't say no to spending my day off in the city I love. I also had a saturday off, so I spent this  shopping and eating with my favourites in Birmingham. It was really weird to not be working a saturday, After 5 months of not being able to do anything on a saturday or sunday due to work, the day off was well over due. 
Despite working more hours, I've been trying to make room for fitness. I ended up buying myself a exercise bike, and a upper body work out bar. Every night I've been doing around 50 minutes of exercise to keep me fit. I've started to see improvements and the help of work and walking all day has really helped. All I need to do now is sort my diet and I'll be on my way to being a size 10! 
I don't really have a picture to show it, sadly I'm waiting to buy my Minnie mouse ears from work tomorrow. BUTTTT GUYS! I'M OFF TO PARIS TO GO TO DISNEY LAND. Can we all just scream and be happy. I'm one of them people that clearly was robbed of their childhood as they never went to Disney land. Even though I'm nineteen I've still to this day been begging my dad to take me. Well now i'm going this June! I've also never been to Paris only the outside bits of France. I'm going along with my babe Hayley, I'm excited to explore the city and of course get a my picture with Mickey and Minnie. 
Anyway sadly I won't be posting any new outfit posts till after Tuesday now. It's been annoying me so much as I use to be a full time blogger, and made more money in a day than I did in two weeks at my part time job. I'll be sure to get everything sorted and be back on it soon!