This season ripped jean's are definitely getting popular. I've never actually owned any ripped jeans well, apart from when I was going through my tom-boy stage. (let's not go into that) I'm currently questioning whether to get a pair of white jeans (ah scary!) Tomorrow I'm off shopping so I'll be trying on a pair in Primark just for the trial of course! Anyway, Last week I was feeling very confident and decided to put my five years of textiles qualifications into use and did some DIY on some very un loved jeans. Not too sure why I never wear black jean's I wear black all the time but never black jeans! I decided to rip them up and give them an added edge by applying light rips to the knee's. 

STEP ONE // cut into the jeans where you want the rip's to be. I only made a small cut so I could then look at the scale and what size I wanted the rip to be. I then mirrored the cut about 10cm away from the previous cut. creating a cut out bridge. 
STEP TWO // I then took a mini grater from IKEA, and then basically just grated the grater against the already made rip. Here you can be as rough and angry as you like as the more ripped and messy you get it the better! You can also go in with the tweezers, and pull out the cotton and create a more derailed rip. 
STEP THREE // you can then go on to make more rip's in other areas. I decided to only go for three rip's on the knee as I didn't want a block of my knee on show. 
STEP FOUR // This step is optional, however I do feel it helps. You then want to put the jeans into the wash, of course this will happen every time you wash them, but they will begin to pull out more cotton and appear more ripped and rough around the edges. 

AND that's it! pretty basic and very easy way to refresh a pair of jeans!