I won't even lie to you guys, I feel pretty Victoria Beckham in this outfit, it's very snazzy and on trend with the very subtle monochrome trend showing through. After working so hard recently I made a very sleep order to ASOS, despite the fact I should be saving my penny's for all my up coming events over the next few months! I ended up ordering these two items both in the sale! Also ASOS was offering an extra 15% off, so even more bargains as both items only just came to over £20. I brought the shoes as they have a heel, but not too much to make me anymore lanky, I love the whole stroppy heel trend sadly I'm too tall for the zara styled heels. 
I love black, I mean god I live in it. But it's actually rare I wear black jeans!! So for one random reason I ended up snipping into my black jeans and spicing them up a bit, encouraging me to wear them a bit more. I love the whole casual look they added to this look. I did add the rips myself and I will be posting a DIY post soon! While I was in full blogging swing, I filmed a outfit of the day too! let me know if you like these video's and I'll make more!