Ever since I started my blog way back in 2012, a comment that has always been left by you guys is usually about my hair. I think I'll do a whole post on my hair, from the colour dye, hair extensions etc.  Because I get so many comments/tweets and questions when at events etc asking about it all the time!  So I won't ramble on too much about that stuff now. 

I was recently left a comment asking how I get my hair all scrunched up and messy, as shown in pretty much all of my outfit posts. There's honestly no massive secret. I do two simple techniques which give me the volume and texture for the edgy messy look. 
The first thing I do is to curl my hair. I don't do massive curls, I simply place subtle light curls using my GHD's. (you can see my hair with just the curls here) With wearing extension's I feel by adding a light wave, and curl into the extension's it helps to blend and allow them to fall more natural. In the above picture's the curls have pretty much fell out now, so my extensions are almost straight. Of course the more intense your curls are the bigger and the messier the look will turn out. 
Once I have my basic curl's that have already added a base, like your foundation, I then go in with my  favourite hair product. UMBERTO GIANNINI - PRINCESS PURFECT HOT STYLER SPRAY. I previously received the whole of the glam collection range at an event. So I've been trying to work my way through the product's and really make some miracles happen with the help of the glam collection. Around two month's a go I pulled out the Princess Purfect Hot Styler spray. I had to give it a go when it says "princess perfect" don't I? We all grew up watching Cinderella, and Ariel with their perfect hair, looking all fine and that. While I'd be sat with a frizz ball praying for long perfect waves. 
After already being promised princess hair, I sacked off the lid and sprayed the product into my hair. It spray's like a hair spray, however dries very smooth, while adding a firm hold to the hair. I used the texture of smooth and the hold to then scrunch together the already created curls and blend the hair into a more messy look. 
Over all the product really allows you to build on the curl's and add a lot of texture and volume to your look. But not being crispy like a hairspray. I use the product usually on the ends and sometime son my roots to add a bit of "sass" to my head! 

(I was kindly gifted with the product at an event, no other compensation was received.)