On Wednesday myself and Hayley made our way down to London yet again. This time we wasn't off to sip free cocktail's or champers at a blogger event. No, Hayley had begged me to go along with her to the Cat cafe. After her recent visit to France where there is also a Cat cafe, she had to visit the one in London of course! I held back slightly as I'm a total dog lover. However I went along and really enjoyed myself! 
Once we arrived, we were greeted and waited to be led through into the main room. Once we were seen, we made a donation of £5, washed our hands then popped into the next room where the cat's were partying away along with fellow members of the public. The environment was overall very relaxed and clean. At first I was a little worried to go to a cafe with cat's around. I worried it would be unhygienic. There wasn't a smell, the cat's didn't crawl all over your plates, it was all kept spick and span. There was also a few bottles of hand sanitiser on the tables, allowing you to feel fresh and keep the germs away after fussing the cats. All around the cafe there were a range of book's and toys for the cats, I thought this was such a great little touch to the whole theme of it being a cat cafe. I ordered a rose lemonade and my first ever slice of Red velvet cake. (and damn it was goooood) I was so in love with the detailing they had made by adding the strawberries and the vintage china with the floral theme. If I'm ever to open my own cafe, I'm defiantly inspired by the deco of Lady Dinah's. 
Sadly, I'm still a dog person. However I will admit I really enjoyed my over all mind blowing kinda weird experience at a cafe, with cat's just running about. It sure was something you don't do every Wednesday lunch time.