I love the seaside, however after a few hour's it just really pee's me off with the sand everywhere, annoying seagull's trying to rob my chips, the sea being ice cold. However the seaside is a place that allows you to create memories. Barmouth is my family's main seaside that we've gone along to, well every since I was little! Barmouth is your typical seaside town, you've got your chippy, beach, a rock shop, arcade, fair ground and of course a co op. What more could you ask for? It was pretty cold and crappy the day we went, and after 3 hours on a train, we were a little tired and very miserable. I took the chance to snap away at the sights, that make the town so cute. 
Also say hello to my Dad, he's forever being asked to be featured on my blog, but as you can tell he's a little silly and getting him to not be rude in a photo is always a challenge.