On Wednesday I made my way over to Lichfield where the babe Hayley lives. For a while now I'd been meaning to go among and see the city she lives in and also her little book shop. I decided to take my DSLR with me as I've stilled not decided on a new camera I want to get! I'm happy I did though as Lichfield is a pretty cute place. I love the whole cobbles and cute little buildings the city had to offer. We also made our way over to the Cathedral. I love my history I'm a secret history geek and I was so gutted I didn't take History into my A levels or GCSE's. 
After seeing the sights of Lichfield we made our way to Beacon Park for the Circus! as far as I can remember, I don't think I've ever been to the circus before. So I was excited to see the acts. Over all I wasn't too impressed, i think I'd watched far too many cool films with the tigers and elephants. I guess I'm just never amused unless I have some animals to entrain me.