Pastel's are yet again taking over our outfit's. This summer I'll be embracing the pastel shades, and dressing all kinds of girly. For this look I took the pastel trend and added my own twist. I also created the whole look with high street brand's. so this whole look is very affordable, and under £100! I think if I didn't add the biker jacket and the shoe's it would be a little too 'safe' so the add-on of the black added a instant edge to the whole look. The look is also super girly, while being casual enough to wear to a range of occassions. 
I created this look for the purpose of a styling competition, I would love it if you could go vote for me, so I can win my dream bag! (pretty please.) All you have to do is go tick my outfit, and press vote! no forms to fill out! so if you're loving how I display the pastel trend then go ahead and vote I will be so thankful!