BAG - H&M*

Oh look, I've actually blogged. I'm slacking so much recently. I don't know what it is, but I just haven't been feeling blogging as much. I even considered going on a blogging break. Anyway next week I should be back to normal, I'll also be getting back to building my styling portfolio! If there are any local bloggers free next week, I'd love to shoot with you and dress you up! If you would be interested please send me a email. 
Okay everyone should be proud of me as this is a outfit, and I'm not wearing any black! WOOHOOO. I'm finally letting go of the dark side! I brought these legging styled disco pants a while a go now, and well never wore them. Maybe because I was scared, and they weren't black. Oh I love my black. To be honest I'm in love with how light and spring happy this outfit is. I'm so excited for this summer's trends. 
Camo was pretty big last year, I'm hoping it comes back this year as I love how subtle it can be worn as I've shown. I bagged this jacket in the Internationale sale last year for only £5! My local one as now shut down, I'm a little gutted as their sales were always amazing! 
ALSO hair! I've had so many lovely comments at work and out and about recently on my hair! No I've not ditched the extensions, I may as well as my hair is almost the same length now. The problem with my hair is I've had a lot of layers put in, and growing them out is the only problem now. I'm also planning on changing my hair colour again soon. I know, I get bored easily. 

(btw I'm touching my hair so much because it was very windy, thats my excuse for my bitch face too)