Today I was feeling really inspired after all your lovely comments from last nights post. So I hopped in my car and went on a hunt for a nice place to take outfit photo's. There were a lot of places I had in mind however they were pretty busy and I'm not ready to block out the word and strut my stuff with passers by just yet. However i id find this cute little path and steps by a graveyard. Not the nicest thing to think about, but I loved the steps and the use of the greenery around me. I also had to use my tripod to take these photo's whig is why they aren't the most flattering facial expressions and poses. 
It was super hot again today, so I racked out the shorts again. I don't have the best leg's in the world but all the toning up and the investment in my exercise bike a few months a go has really paid off.  I've still got a long way to go, but I'm finally enjoying fitness and working on what works for me. I've not been able to work out the past few days due to being ill, however tonight I'm going hard. 
I brought these shorts a few weeks back now, which is why their no longer on the H&M website. I knew straight away I had to wear them to Miley as when you move they shake and just look so glam. This was a more casual outfit as i added just a simple vest and bomber for a casual cool summers day look.