On Thursday I attended the Francesco Blogger event. I'd been to a previous blogger meet up where there was a little get together at Francesco. I really enjoyed it previously, so I was really excited to attend this time. The event was put together by the lovely people at Alison Jameson Consultants PR  Myself and Hayley had met up with the lovely Lauren a few weeks before for a coffee, and a chat to discuss what goes on down here and big up us Birmingham bloggers. 
Once we arrived we were greeted, and taken to grab a drink, Sadly the joys of now driving I can't take advantage of the free champers so I stuck to apple juice. We then went and had a look at the new styles from the "Embrace" collection. A lot of the styles were actually very basic, and very wearable which is what we all look for! 
We then had our skin tone analysis done! I've never had this before so I looked forward to being told which colours suited me best, even though I'll wear anything if I like it anyway. But it was great to see which colours make me look more fresh and alive, while others can drowned me and wash me out.
Then the exciting part happened, I had my hair cut! For the past four year's I've refused to go to the hair dressers. I hated the thought of having to sit there for 5 hours while I had my hair done. My hair is just so thick that it always takes so long to get done. Which resulted in me taking to the colour and scissors myself. However I'm now looking to go back blonde now so I'm trying to get my hair sorted and ready for switch back. 
So I explained to the stylist about my hair, my hair history and she instantly talked me through the idea's she had to get my hair healthy again. I was pretty happy to have a lot cut off and be rid of all my dead ends, we ended up only cutting off about an inch. This is so it wasn't such a big shock at once, then in 6 weeks I will go back and have more chopped. She washed my hair, using some shine products (sadly I don't have the names) The stylist also showed me a range of products that I could use to get me use to leaving my natural hair and not always turning to the straighteners. For the next 6 weeks I'll be trying to ditch heat and get use to my natural hair texture. After we had cut and got my hair back in shape, we then decided to go a little cray, cray and add a bob! I've always been told by friends and family to try a bob, but the thought of shorter hair scared me. But I will admit I loved the bob! (sadly the bob was fake and just pinned up.) 
But I want to say a massive thank you to my hair stylist, who put me at ease and got my hair so soft and healthy again. When you wear extensions you allow your natural hair to get a little lost, it was nice to have it treated and put back into shape. I'm also going to be reviewing Francesco soon for when I get my hair coloured, and I can already tell it will be a good review! 

And other big thank you to AJC PR and Francesco Academy Birmingham for a fab night!

(I was kindly invited along to Francesco for the event, and gifted with a free hair cut and treatments. No other compensation was received)