There's a little thing called staff discount, and spending mod tot your time at work which then kinda leads to you wearing an almost all H&M outfit. Oh lord. I couldn't believe it when I looked in the mirror and realised. But it's nice when you can create full outfits from one store. When I saw that the pink version of this kimono had come in I knew I had to have it after how much wear i'd gotten from my black version, there was no question about it. 
So where the hell have I been? I can't believe I've not blogged in a whole week. Well I've been working to get the last few penny's for Paris, and I've also been pretty rough! I went and saw Miley Cyrus, however then came down with food poisoning, I was rough for four days! So I wasn't really top form for posing in pretty clothes. While I missed blogging, playing part in twitter chat's I enjoyed the break to just sit back and relax. I'm back now though, and I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up, even my dad making his first debut in the next few weeks! (he's sassy you'll love it)
Anyway I hope your all well, and I want to say hello to all the new followers I still gained while I didn't blog, I was shocked when i received the emails to see despite the fact i wash;t advertising my blog I was still gaining lovely new readers.