I always use to be puzzled by people who went mental over candle's. Especially the really expensive candles that are not worth their high price tag. If you do buy them I'm sorry but you're bloody mental.  Me being me, I'm cheap and cheery. So at 95p I could not be anymore in love with this candle. 
I love sweet, creamy scents. The ones that literally drive you insane. Well one of them scents is this IKEA SINNLIG Vanilla Candles. As I've said, Ive never been a big fan of the candle's however there is something about the scent of this candle that excites me to light it up every time. I brought the same scent previously, and ended up burning it every night till it sadly died. 
You'd think that such a small, and cheap candle would well be, pretty crap. Although this 95p bargain burn's beautifully and gives off the most beautiful scent into my room, leaving me a little too lost into the scent of my room.